About Staffworx

We are a specialist agency serving the eCommerce, software, consulting and digital sectors.

Staffworx has built a reputation for excellence in delivery based on over 20 years of recruitment in the online retail, systems integration, software vendor and business consulting sectors.

Our passion for delivering the best solution every time is what keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Specialist resources covering B2C, B2B, product management, ecommerce management, search, platform delivery, ecommerce marketing, content, analytics, merchandising, strategy and payment sectors.

Professionals in software development, solution architecture, devops, systems, analysis & design, integration, agile, ecommerce, content management, cloud, big data, project management and executive fields of expertise.

Strategic advisors in agile coaching, business process, target operating model, operational readiness, roadmaps, management consulting, application consulting, content strategy, process improvement, service design, business transformation, governance, programme assurance, vendor selection.

Technical, analysis and strategic digital expertise in content management, UX, responsive web, mobile, front end development, social media, optimisation, business analysis, project management and executives.

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